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Bad Breakup? Get Your Locks Re-Keyed NOW!

Posted by on May 21, 2016 in Tips and Info | Comments Off on Bad Breakup? Get Your Locks Re-Keyed NOW!

Have your recently had a bad breakup? Get your locks re-keyed. Most people often end up replacing the whole lock and deadbolt system when they lose their keys or have someone they need to keep away from their property. It could be a sore housemaid, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse or pretty much anyone you do not want to access your house and they already have a spare key. While this is a perfect solution (as it keeps the unauthorized person away from your house), it is not always the best decision. Replacing the whole system is usually expensive and takes you back to the process or reviewing existing systems, deciding on the best locking systems, comparing brands and hoping there won’t be any structural damages on your doors. Sometimes you are better off with lock rekeying.

What does lock rekeying involve?

rekey3Like the name suggests, lock rekeying, unlike replacement, involves changing the key that opens your locks without having to remove the whole system. The process ensures your original keys can no longer open the doors but you still retain the same locks. When most people hear about rekeying, they immediately suspect it is a complex process that can only be achieved by professional locksmiths. The truth is that many people have managed to rekey their locks on their own without involving professional locksmiths. However, you risk doing it the wrong way, which is why it is always recommendable to involve skilled technicians to handle lock rekeying. The procedure involves basic steps that include the following;

• Removing the lock cylinders
• Changing the pins inside the cylinder
• Rekey the entry and deadbolts using your new rekeying kit

DIYs will let you think rekeying your key alone will save you money but it is never a significant amount when you consider all other aspects of the process. Professionals bring accountability and quality guarantees including provisions to redo the work in case they fail to meet your standards in the first attempt. If they ruin anything or damage any component, they take full liability and repair costs. It is therefore safer to call professional locksmiths to rekey your locks instead of attempting to do it on your own. It is hardly possible that you will achieve this with the same success professionals do. What’s more, they have all the required tools and insights to complete the task.

Benefits of rekeying

The benefits of lock rekeying are quite obvious and straightforward. Firstly, rekeying maintains your original locks and deadbolts; those you want to keep off your doors will probably think their keys have become damaged in a way and this is a psychological play. Replacing the locks altogether might lead to anger and counteractions. However, the crystal benefits of lock rekeying include the following;
savings• Cost-effective – The only other option you have when you lose your key or need someone off your doors is to replace the locks. For lost keys, you can get a duplicate but this is high risk since you do not know who may have purposefully stolen the key. For keeping people off your property, duplicates are not a choice. Replacement is expensive as it involves removing the existing system and installing a new one. Rekeying kits are significantly cheaper and you can always find cheap locksmiths to complete the task. If you have sufficient insights, you can complete lock rekeying on your own.

• Perfect way to prevent unauthorized access – Have you had a recent bad breakup? Get your locks re-keyed and stop worrying about the extra keys you gave your ex partner. The external appearance will remain the same but the original keys will not be able to open your locks, and this is a perfect way to intimidate those who though they still had access to your life through the doors.

• Can be self-accomplished – You can use the basic manuals and instructions that come with the new kits to complete lock rekeying like a pro. All you need is you lock rekeying kit and a few tools, mainly screw drivers, clippers and pliers.

There are many other minor advantages of rekeying instead of replacing. It is difficult to find the same type of locks. Even if the manufacturer is the same, machines product have a few variations in yield strength, color pigment and other attributes. Rekeying will only replace the pin and keys without interfering with anything else. Always ensure you contract credible licensed locksmiths and purchase genuine quality rekeying kits.

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Reasons Why Car Dealerships Are the Wrong Choice For Car Key Replacement

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Tips and Info | Comments Off on Reasons Why Car Dealerships Are the Wrong Choice For Car Key Replacement

Many car owners normally value their car keys. You will realize that if you do not have your car keys, you cannot access your car. However, many car owners normally lose or misplace their car keys now and then. This can be detrimental if at all you do not have spare car keys. This can really frustrate you. You will realize that many car owners normally lose or misplace their car keys in the market, shopping counters and so on. This can actually inconvenience you a great deal. If you misplace your car keys, you might be tempted to consult car dealership services. Others, normally prefer to hire the services of an automobile locksmith to replace the car keys for them. Both options are good but one is better than the other.Automobile locksmith services are better than car dealership services.

If you own a new car model, you will realize that its keys are likely to contain special computer chips. If you happen to misplace a specialized car key, you need to hire the services of an automobile locksmith or car dealership services. You will realize that individuals who work in car dealership are normally skilled in the field of key replacement. They have the necessary knowledge and competencies needed in replacing car keys. However, there are some reasons why car dealerships are the wrong choice for car key replacement. They include the following:

1. High cost

savings1Car dealerships are normally expensive compared to locksmith services. Locksmiths can actually perform specialty key cutting at a cheaper price than car dealership. Most car dealerships tend to take advantage of their customers. You will realize that if your car dealership is asking for $120 for a single replacement, your local automobile locksmith can actually charge you $60.This is the reason why it is wrong to choose car dealerships to do car key replacement for you.

2. Inconvenience.

Once you lose or misplace your car keys, you are likely to be highly inconvenienced. If you opt to go for car dealership services, you require to bring the following: car registration number, your driving license and vehicle identification number and so on. These requirements can actually inconvenience you especially if you have lost your car keys. This is the reason why car dealerships are the wrong choices for car key replacement.

3. They might not respond to emergency situations as soon as possible.

Accidents happen when you least expect them. You might misplace your car keys at home and you need to drive to work. You might also lose your keys at night and you have to drive home. This calls for emergency services so that you can reach your next destination. Car dealerships might take days before they fix the problem for you. This means that you will not enjoy driving your car for quite some time.

4. Car dealership services might not be locally available.

You will realize that car dealership services might not be locally available in your area. This might inconvenience you a little. This is because you have to travel to another place in order to find them. This means that the process of car key replacement might be costly due to the traveling involved.

5. It is time consuming.

Save Time 1You will realize that hiring the services of car dealership can actually be time consuming. If you hire their services, you might wait for one or two weeks before you obtain your new car keys. This can also inconvenience you greatly.

6. Lack of personal touch with a dealership working on your car keys.

You need to stay in touch with the locksmith who is working on your car keys. This will help you ask questions and so on. However, if you hire the services of car dealerships, you might not be in touch with the locksmith who is working on your car keys.

Those are some of the disadvantages of hiring the services of car dealerships. You should instead go for an automobile locksmith so that he or she can replace the car keys for you. In addition, car key replacement should not be expensive. These automobile locksmiths are normally committed and dedicated to their work. They hardly frustrate their customers. You should avoid choosing car dealerships due to the reasons mentioned above.

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A Guide for Smart Openers

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Smart Lock | Comments Off on A Guide for Smart Openers

There are several smart locks to choose from today. However, not all of them can secure your home as you desire. As a result, it is essential to research more about door openers before buying one for your home. These openers allow the users to check their door status while they are away, and hence they do not need to worry about the safety their property.

Most of these systems or openers are easy to install, affordable, and feature low noise levels. In addition, they come with key safety features including protector safety sensors that prevent the door from closing when it comes in contact with an object or a person. Smart openers can be connected to Smartphones to regulate exterior lights as well as garage door.

Types of Smart Openers

Chamberlain MYQ

Chamberlain MYQIf you have been looking for a lock that can allow you to close or open a garage door by just pressing a button on your web-enabled tablet, then chamberlain MYQ is the right lock for you. It is not only easy to install, but also fits different garage door designs. Chamber opener features door sensor and Wi-Fi. During installation, you should fix Wi-Fi hub next to door opener. After you have mounted the Wi-Fi hub, fix the door sensor. Lastly, download the application and follow the installation steps provided. You may customize the application to notify if you have left th door open.

Linear Garage Opener

The opener can be compatible with a number of available garage door systems featuring sectional doors. Such openers are easy and simple to set up. This type of door opener comes with the gateway as well as a two-wire connection. Since it employs the Z-Wave principle, it can match with a variety of Z-Wave smart hubs available on the market.


GarageioWith this device, you can convert any door into a modern garage door. Simply install Garageio box near the door and connect it to Wi-Fi network. Then, download the appropriate app for your phone. When you forget to close your door, Garegio will alert you to close it. Moreover, the system can be used to access up to 3 doors from a single gadget thus saving on costs.


GoGOGate is a type of opener that works on gates and garage doors. It stands out among other openers due to the fact that GoGogate can be integrated with security cameras to offer maximum security. Once you have set up this type of opener, you can open as well as close the door via your tablet from anyplace in the world.

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Garage Door Openers

Finding the right opener is not that simple as many think. A good opener should meet the set standards in terms of safety, noise, efficiency, and power. Here are the things you need to consider when choosing garage openers:

Security and Safety

Garage doors are made of steel and other heavy materials that may lead to injury or death if not handled properly. This means a good garage door should be free of risks. Therefore, it is prudent to install garage doors with sensors, which can detect an object and a child while closing. In addition to safety, garage doors can regulate the people gaining entry to your home.


Today, opening or closing doors is far much easier than you could imagine. This is because modern garage door openers make use of remotes or Smartphones to gain access to the garage without the need for keys. Smart doors can be controlled at the place of work without having to travel home, especially if your neighbor is in need of something. This way, you will be able to save time while making sure that your garage is secure.


Do not buy a smart opener without warranty. Remember that an ideal opener is backed by a lifetime kind of warranty. With a warranty, you are entitled peace of mind even if your opener has a problem. However, warranties can be subject to specific conditions and are detailed in easy to understand guide. Make sure that you read through the manual to understand what is covered by the manufacturer. This information will help you compare different products and choose the right option that suit your needs.

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Wireless Smart Car Keys: The Future Or Dumb Idea?

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 in Tips and Info | Comments Off on Wireless Smart Car Keys: The Future Or Dumb Idea?

In the current generation of keyless entry for cars, a smart key system disengages the immobilizer and activates the ignition without inserting a key in the ignition. The system uses LF (low frequency, 125 kHz) and RF (radio frequency, >300 MHz).

The idea hit as of late while talked with Broadcom official Tom Ramsthaler, in charge of item promoting of remote connectivity. In examining the organization’s up and coming 802.11ac/Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) combo chip, Ramsthaler disclosed to me what he imagines as in-vehicle applications empowered by Bluetooth LE.

Nissan WatchHe discussed the Nissan Watch, divulged at the Frankfurt Auto Show a month ago. The smartwatch, utilizing a Bluetooth LE association, assembles telemetry information from an auto with the goal that it can demonstrate the driver the auto’s effectiveness data, for example, fuel utilization while likewise following execution. The Nissan Watch likewise monitors certain parameters of driver well being, similar to heart rate in a road turned parking lot.

Alright, somewhat fascinating. In any case, scarcely the mass business sector item that will incite each auto maker to grasp Bluetooth LE, it is thought. In any case, Ramsthaler said impromptu that Bluetooth LE would be valuable as a keen auto key.

NXP, outfitted with the lion’s offer in the keen auto key business sector, had been intuition thusly. NXP thought of a solitary chip answer for multi-capacity auto keys utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC) innovation. The thought is for keys to interface with outer NFC-agreeable gadgets, for example, cellular telephones, tablets, and portable PCs. Reporting the item, called KEyLink Lite, NXP discussed potential “shrewd” key applications including auto discoverer, course organizer, and auto status/administration information administration.

Along these lines, now that Broadcom is going to the car market with Bluetooth LE chips, will we see a NFC versus Bluetooth LE fight blending in the keen auto key business sector?

On the other hand even better, will there be a day when we can get rid of our auto keys and flip open an auto entryway basically by waving the telephone?

Executive of worldwide car hone at Strategy Analytics, concurred that opening an auto with a smartphone is conceivable. In any case, he forewarned: “The issue is that many individuals go inside an auto to charge their smartphones. Consider the possibility that your smartphone as of now came up short on battery. You can’t open your auto entryway!”


Applying NFC in a smartphone to the car security system is certainly feasible. But the driver still needs to walk up to a car and physically open the door — unless the smartphone is also integrated with an LF/RF-based keyless entry system.


Freeman explained, “With a smartphone, it’s a two-step process. In contrast, the smart car key you use today can remotely flip a car open — instantly,” without fiddling with your smartphone first.


But let’s be clear: The idea of unlocking and locking the car and then starting the ignition with a phone has haunted the minds of some carmakers, such as Hyundai.


NFCBy using an embedded NFC tag in the car, Hyundai has designed a system that allows owners to unlock a vehicle, start the engine, and link up to the touchscreen with a quick swipe. The Korean automaker showed earlier this year what the company calls its “Connectivity Concept” in a demonstration i30 hatchback car.


So, the idea of the smartphone as your car key has been percolating for a few years, and it has gotten some attention from carmakers. Can a Bluetooth LE be that key?


One might say: Why not?


The first step in proving the feasibility of this concept is to make sure there is absolutely no EMC interference between a Bluetooth-based smart car key and the electronics inside the vehicle. Perhaps more important, Bluetooth LE requires power (albeit low energy). NFC connectivity “does not require a power supply in the key, hence does not affect the key’s battery lifetime,” according to NXP’s spokesperson. “Setting up a connectivity link is done by a touch and would not require an exchange pairing credential upfront.” In sum, NFC allows carmakers to focus on convenience and security.


Even assuming that either wireless technology — NFC or Bluetooth — works fine as a smart car key, technology suppliers need to clear one more hurdle.


NXP’s Freeman explained that for a carmaker, the branded car key establishes the first and the most significant physical and tactile contact with car owners. Automotive companies might not be so eager to give up that precious branding opportunity to a smartphone — which bears no automotive brand.


for the time being, the NFC vs. Bluetooth LE battleground is likely to be focused more on connecting a smart car key with a smartphone (or any smart wearable device), rather than a smartphone replacing a car key.


According to NXP, the company’s multi-function car key using NFC is “one member of a complete new product family designed for Smart Access solutions.” The product family debuts in the market with model year ’13 vehicles.



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Key Cards And Their Locks

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016 in Keyless Lock | Comments Off on Key Cards And Their Locks

You need to be able to find a great key card system in a number of different situations. If you happen to run a hotel or an apartment building, people need to know how to get inside of that building. The key card system needs to be simple enough that it does not confused tenants or customers, but it still needs to be secure enough to protect their safety. Safety and peace of mind can be extremely important when you are staying in a hotel or an unpredictable apartment building. The apartment building may have different codes on each floor of the unit. You want to make sure that the codes are complex enough that you don’t have tenants breaking into each others apartments on a regular basis. A great locksmith can make things easier on the owner of the apartment building by helping find the right keypad system, installing in and making sure the cards work.

Key Cards

Key Card Lock1In many ways, the key cards leading into an apartment are similar to the different credit cards that are out there. You do not want the microchips in the cards to get damaged. It certainly makes sense to do everything you can in order to make sure that the microchip technology is not stolen, or happens to fall into the wrong hands. The technology associated with the key cards is getting more complex. Some of them are tied to a fingerprint or a particular hand. You have to be careful and make sure that you hire a great locksmith that shows you different protections that will make sure any combination or key code oriented project does not become corrupted, or hacked.


The size of a card has to work properly in order for the lock to work properly. If the card is too big or too small, you certainly will have trouble working the lock and thus working on the door. You need to know that a large number of key cards may not be friendly for people with disabilities to use, and thus you have to find a locksmith that can work with the disabled in order to make sure they can get the right system in place. A large number of disabled people struggle if they do not have the right lock system to work with. A great lock system can be on the appropriate level for a disabled person. The right lock system has to work well for the elderly as well.


Are the locks easy to change, is the system easy to change out? This quandry is a very important question for a large number of people. Do not hesitate to ask any question about the installation process to an attentive locksmith. The most attentive locksmith out there can certainly help an elderly person that cannot use their hands in the fashion that they did in the past change the lock system. The fact that most of the systems out there can be maintained electronically can end up taking most of the physical labor out of the process.


Key Card Lock2The use of these key cards can be important when your kids may have to stay on their own for a little while. Education can be very important when you are trying to make sure your kids know how to stay safe at home. If you know that a child is willing to stay safe at home then you know that it will be possible to teach them to learn about the importance of the key card, making sure they have a special place where the key card can be hidden. The truth of the matter is that you want to be as accessible as possible when the resident or guest is struggling to get in a home or room, but maintaining a certain level of security is extremely important when you have strangers staying in a hotel room, people that you simply do not know.


You have to be able to make sure that you take a firm and definite approach to making sure your kids stay away from strangers in a hotel. The right lock system is something that can make the biggest difference, in a variety of ways.


Attention to detail is going to be important. Manufacturers that make these cards want to have a certain amount of credibility. Manufacturers want to be known for quality and safety.

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The Proper Pricing For Rekeying Services

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in Tips and Info | Comments Off on The Proper Pricing For Rekeying Services

Locksmiths are very important individuals in the society. They serve a lot of purposes. This is the reason we hire their services now and then. If you a car and you have misplaced your car keys, you will have to hire the services of a locksmith so that he or she can make a key for you. If you have locked the keys inside your car, he or she will still help you to open the doors and get your keys back. Those are some of the instances that you can hire the services of a locksmith. However, did you know that you can hire a locksmith for rekeying services? Locksmiths are skilled in offering rekeying services.

If you have relocated to a new house, you might have to change the locks of the new house. One way through which you can change the locks is by rekeying them. The locksmith will offer these services to you. If you rekey your locks, you will be assured of a more security. In addition, it is cost effective and it does not consume a lot of time. However, you may be asking yourself, What Is Proper Pricing For Rekeying Services? Rekeying cost is dependent on several situations, and the guys at : Cherry Hills Village Locksmith tell us a few.

  1. Locked up house and car.

If you call locksmiths to come and rescue you out of locked up situations in your car or house, you will have to pay a minimum charge. This is mandatory. The minimum charge ranges from $35 to $150.

  1. The time in which you have called them.

Save TimeRekey costs also depend on the time in which you have called the locksmith to come and offer you their services. If you call them at odd hours, you will have to pay more than the minimum charges. In addition, if you call them during holidays, you will also have to dig deeper into your pocket.

  1. The proximity of your home.

Remember that if you call them to rescue you in such situations and your house is far away from their company, you will have to pay extra charges to cover transport costs. In addition, if you live in a remote area, the costs will escalate.

Other factors that influence the costs of rekeying services include: the type of the lock you wish to be rekeyed, the nature of the work involved in drilling out the lock out of its base and so on. The following are the standard rekeying costs as charged by locksmiths:

  1. Costs on the house locks.

savings1People normally use locks with cylinder on their doors. The cylinder of the lock is normally replaced during the process of rekeying. Remember that you will have to cater for the costs of rekeying services and that of the cylinder of the lock. The cost of the cylinder can range from $5 to $25.The locksmith can charge between $40 and $100 as the costs of offering rekeying services.

  1. Number of locks rekeyed.

Most people normally hire the services of a locksmith to rekey a number of locks at a time. If you get locked out of your home, you will definitely want your locks to be rekeyed. You can even ask the locksmith to rekey other locks in your home. In such instances, the locksmith can charge between $40 and $ 100.The locksmith will also charge labor costs which can be between $20 and $30.

  1. Costs based the lock type.

Locksmiths normally charge between $1.5 and $4 for standard keys. If you happen to have a specialized key, the locksmith is likely to charge you more. Locksmiths normally charge between $3 and $20 for special keys. If you happen to have electronic locks in your car, the locksmith can charge you between $50 and $150.

Remember that locksmiths are professional individuals. They normally have a license to operate. They have the necessary competencies, knowledge and even abilities in this field. This is the reason they may even charge higher prices for being legitimate service providers. In addition, you may incur more cost in getting the estimates of your rekeying over the phone. This is because you have to describe the lock situation and so on to your locksmith. All these normally add up to the total cost.

Those are some of the costs involved in rekeying services. If you find yourself in a situation where you need these services, do not hesitate to call the locksmith near you. Their services are incredible. If you compare the costs involved and the benefits you get after rekeying your locks, the benefits overshadow the costs involved.

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The Best Kwikset Locks On The Market

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Featured Lock Company | Comments Off on The Best Kwikset Locks On The Market

Are you looking for superior security for your doors? Kwikset has it all for you. Kwikset believes that technology can deliver on both convenience and quality when it comes to door lock hardware. They are the leading in residential lock manufacturing and will make you feel secures for over 60 years. They work hard to ensure that you can protect everything in the world that you live in. They have a commitment to meet your security needs, and that is why they are always coming up with innovative locks that include the keyless entry combination locks, the smart key deadbolts, Kevo, the smart lock among others. They guarantee style, durability, quality and technology in all their products.

Some of The Best Kwikset Locks on the Market include:

Kwikset KEvo Plus 1-Kwikset Kevo. Kevo will instantly transform your smartphone into a key. Kevo has been designed to have Bluetooth connectivity and replaces the regular deadbolt on your door. All you need to do is to send an “open” signal using the App, and you will unlock the door. When you acquire this Kwikset, you will be given two traditional keys, two key fobs, and two eKeys. The regular keys are there just in case your lock runs out of power. The eKeys are encrypted codes that you can use to unlock your door with and cannot be duplicated.

-Kwikset Katara Entry-Lever, Satin Nickel. The Katara lever has been designed with style and has superior security. It can be used on exterior doors where you may need to have keyed entry. The Katara is gracefully simple and can be employed in any contemporary setting. It can be unlocked or locked by key from outside and using a button on the inside. It has the smart key re-key technology that will enable you to control the people who can access your home. You can also re-key it in 3 easy steps. It has a crisp, clean appearance with a satin nickel finish that makes it have a modern feel.

Kwikset Smartcode-Kwikset Smart Code Electronic Lock and Tustin Lever Featuring, Venetian Bronze. This smart code touchpad electronic lever will add an extra level of security to your house. It has a sleek style that makes it complement your home interior design. It can be used to lock your home, office, your storage room or even the wine cellar and you do not have to worry about losing your keys again. All you need to gain access is a combination of codes. To lock the electric lock, you just press a button, and you are good to go.

-Kwikset Juno Entry Knob, Rustic Bronze. This doorknob has an elegant traditional style that makes it blend perfectly with most of the contemporary designs. It can be locked or unlocked from outside using a key, and a button inside can also lock and unlock the door. The Juno uses the bump guard technology that gives it superior capabilities against lock bumping. It has been certified for grade 2 residential security and is very easy to install. It is available in antique brass, satin nickel, rustic bronze, polished brass and also Venetian bronze finishes.

-Kwikset Smart Code Touchscreen Electronic UL Deadbolt, Satin Nickel. This is the only electronic deadbolt that comes with one-touch locking motorized deadbolt. All you need is your personalized code to enter your home. It comes with bright LEDs to allow for a defined illumination. It is very easy to install, use and also program. It has a backup key way, the smart key re-key technology

-Kwikset Tylo Entry-Knob, Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack, Polished Brass. The Tylo has a classic design that can be used in any home décor. This combo has two locking points; a deadbolt and keyed entry. It has been designed for universal handing meaning that it can fit in both left handed and right handed door. The combo features an adjustable latch that can fit all the standard door preparations. You can control who accesses your home using the smart re-key technology, and you can re-key the combo in just three easy steps. This combo is among the largest-selling deadbolt in the US.


Kwikset has for over 65 years offered its clients with home security innovations and a lot of families rely on their locks for peace of mind. Kwikset has advanced technology implementation on door locks that even involves sophisticated authentication technology; all these have been engineered for maximum performance and security for the Kwikset users. Kwikset locks will always give you an incredible automated experience.

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How to Search For Locksmiths Online

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in Tips and Info | Comments Off on How to Search For Locksmiths Online

If you search Google for locksmith services near you, you will probably find numerous locksmith businesses listed in the results pages. You must do your research well and be extra careful to avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous and often untrained people who are simply out to rip you off. Worse still, some of these people masquerading as locksmiths are criminals who pose as professionals but will change your locks, make duplicates of your keys and even collude with other thieves to steal from you.

If you are searching for a reputable locksmith online for your home security needs, below are some tips that should help you find the right locksmith who will not only give you your money’s worth, but also do so without compromising your family’s or your own security. Big thanks to for the information.

Check the better Business Bureau or Angie’s List

Instead of doing a ‘blind’ search on Google, direct your search to two of the most reliable places for finding service providers in America. Any reputable professional will appear in the Better Business Bureau; a non-profit organization which works to enhance market place trust and/ or Angie’s List which is a website that lists sourced reviews for local businesses.

Check All the Reviews

When you find the locksmiths listed near you, you should check all the reviews in order to narrow down your search. Ensure that you check all, not just some of the reviews. Avoid those businesses which seem to have a lot of negative feedback or major complaints from past clients. After this, you will have narrowed down your list to a few locksmiths who seem to have the most positive reviews.

Verify the Addresses

Sometimes, businesses that appear in search engines results pages may not even be near your locality. They could be lead generators from call centers which could be operating outside your state or even in other countries. The aim of such lead generators is to present themselves as physical stores offering services in your locality and then fleece you. They will often put you in a situation where they can charge exorbitant prices for services.

To verify that a business is genuine, call the listed number and ask for a physical address. Sometimes however, some locksmiths may not have a storefront and could be operating a mobile business. If this is the case, they will not list an address and they will state so if you ask them on the phone.

If you are given an address however, you can simply visit the stores you narrowed down and verify whether a locksmiths business is in reality operating in the said address.


Insist on Seeing Proof of Insurance

InsuranceWhen dealing with locksmiths, insurance is very important. You should ask to see a certificate of insurance. This will protect you in case the locksmith damages your property during the installation and more importantly, to insure all security installations.

Any professional locksmith must be fully bonded and insured in order to guarantee the security they provide and also to assure their clients that the services they provide them with are of the best quality.

It is also important to ask for personal identification of any locksmith before allowing them into your home.

Ask for References

Do not be afraid to ask for references from locksmiths. Any reputable professional who has been operating for quite some time will be able to give you a few references that can vouch for their services. Make sure that you call these numbers and ask them to tell you type and quality of services they received when they used the locksmith’s services.

If you ask for such details upfront and the locksmiths seem to hesitate or the references you received seem shady, follow your instincts and continue with your search.

Ask upfront for the Cost of the Services

Save moneyTo avoid being overcharged, ensure that you ask the locksmiths how much they charge for whatever services you need before you settle on any one locksmith. It is important to get a written quotation or a narrow estimate before receiving the service.

This is because some unscrupulous locksmiths will quote a lower price when you inquire for their services and go on to charge you more than what was agreed on citing other additional costs or various other reasons. Once the transaction is complete, ensure that you get a receipt for any payments made.

Although this may seem like a lot of work, with locksmith services being as sensitive as they are, you can never be too careful.

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