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When You Should Change Your Locks

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on When You Should Change Your Locks

There are times when you will need to change the locks on your house or business premises. At such times, it is important you rely on reputable locksmiths and also use durable and effective locks to enhance the security of your business or home. The following represent when you should change your locks:

• Immediately after you lose your keys

lost keys3Possibly, this is the most important reason why people change their locks from time to time. If you cannot find your home’s keys for some time, you will need to change the locks in the shortest time possible. A thief might have stolen your keys and may be intending to use them in burglarizing your home. Or someone with such an idea may have picked them.

Whether you have eventually found the keys it doesn’t matter. A person might have stolen and copied them since the process does not take long an within a short time place them in a place where you can easily find them. This should also apply after a person has found your keys and returned them to you. No matter how trustworthy this person looks to you, they might have made copies.

• You have just broken up with a person with keys to your home

DivorceThe process of breaking up can be acrimonious and it is common for people to experience very bad feelings. If your significant other has decided to move out, the first thing you should do is to change the locks. This way, you will ensure that they can’t get back and take things from the place. At times, they may vandalize your home for spite. It is a similar case when your roommate decides to move out. For your office, you should do the same if your employee quits or retires particularly if you had authorized them to have keys to your workplace.

• When moving to a new apartment or home

Moving to a new home or apartment can be exciting, but you shouldn’t become very excited. This means that you should change the locks immediately because you don’t know whether a person has made copies of the keys to the place. Failing to do this, a previous tenant or even the owner can return to pick some things from the place. The owner or the tenant might also have been careless at some point and could have allowed other people to make copies of the home keys. Because knowing for sure is hard, you should ensure the safety of your home by changing the locks.

• Someone has tried breaking into your home

Evidently, if anyone has successfully broken into your home, you must change the locks. After all, the locks failed in their main purpose of preventing entries. However, changing the locks is advisable including when the thief failed. The burglar might have already damaged the lock in the attempt of getting into your house. By installing new locks, you will be certain that they are functioning properly. Moreover, the burglar might also have realized that the locks are easier to break or get into and therefore you will need more redoubtable locks which burglars will not attempt to challenge.

• You have lent your keys to someone

At times, you must lend your keys to someone. These people include cleaners, neighbors and family relatives you are expecting to visit. After you have returned home and they have given the keys back to you, you will need to change the locks. This is not primarily because you don’t trust them or they could have made copies, it is because you are not sure whether they were careful about the keys. Other people would have made some copies of these keys without their knowledge.

• Your children have copies of your home keys

When it is about your home security, children are notorious and irresponsible. As a matter of fact, they aren’t responsible as adults. Therefore you are not sure whether they take care of those keys properly. They might have lost the keys and later found them or they might have lent them to a friend. When your children have copies to allow themselves in, changing the locks from time to time is important.

• To change to more effective modern locks

You will need to change a lock anytime it fails, but you should also replace the locks if they have functioned reliably for several years. By changing them after a few years you will be sure that you have the latest and the most secure technology.

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Home Security: Helpful Tips To Keep You Safe

Posted by on Feb 18, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Home Security: Helpful Tips To Keep You Safe

Making your home secure is neither complicated nor tedious, you do not necessarily need to have a home security system installed. It starts from having some alternatives that will definitely help you outsmart criminals. Basically, criminals select homes that seem empty, unprotected or open through entry ways. This article provides some tips you can to keep your home secure, both in your presence or not.

Tips To Keep You Safe

Window locksDoors and Windows: Secure all the doors and windows, including pet entrances and garage entryways. Be careful about powerless locks that can be effectively constrained open. A simple fix is to introduce deadbolt locks with a one inch toss and fortified hit plates with three inch screws on doors. For ground level windows, mount superb locks on all windows however bear in mind about every single other window.Using sliding doors is highly recommended, you can secure sliding glass doors by putting a metal pole or bit of wood, similar to a broomstick, in the entryways track. Another precautionary measure you ought to take is to introduce vertical jolts.

Be mindful about lighting your home: This involves both interior and exterior lights. For interior, timers ought to be used on any indoor lights and machines to keep your home lit up during the evening. You can likewise set clocks to turn on your TVs and radios at irregular times for the duration of the day. This is an awesome hindrance to criminals.
For outside lighting, the edge of your home ought to dependably well lit. Always try to use low voltage or solar lighting. Installing motion sensitive lighting around patios, decks, doorways, walkways and other entry ways is a better precaution.

Stopping daily papers and mail deliveries while you are away. You could likewise as a reliable neighbor or companion to gather them while you are away. This avoids burglars getting into your compound on noting you are away. You should never report on your phone message or voice mail that you are away from home.

hiding house keyBe cautious on where you place your keys, you ought to never shroud your keys under doormats, post boxes, under a stone, window boxes, and so on, simply give an additional key to that dependable neighbor or companion. You can request that they check your home routinely while you and your family are away . Landscaping is yet another measure, large bushes provide hiding places for criminals. In this manner, all bushes, brambles and trees ought to be kept trimmed and far from any passages. Simply keeping the environment clean deters most criminals.

Considering your local police department for security, before you skip town, you ought to check with your local police division for home security assessments or evaluations. You might even need to request that they check your home or watch your neighborhood all the more nearly while you are away.

Introduce an ADT home security framework. Home security frameworks or home caution frameworks give a huge measure of security since your home can be checked 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For a meeting to go over your home’s security, contact National Home Security Systems or similar bodies,approved ADT merchants, for an extraordinary and reasonable determination of home security frameworks and home alert frameworks.These tips will help deter criminals from entering your home.

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