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The Best Baldwin Locks

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Types of Locks | Comments Off on The Best Baldwin Locks

Baldwin door locks are among the most beautiful and the highest quality locks in the world. These locks are made to last a lifetime. With a 60 year legacy of innovation and craftsmanship, Baldwin is the leading in producing luxury hardware, locks included. If you are looking for secure presence and elegance, Baldwin locks are what you should be looking for. Below is a list of the best Baldwin locks on the market.


Baldwin single cylinder-Baldwin Single Cylinder Round Deadbolt with Lifetime Polished Brass. This lock has a classic round shape that can complement and enhance a variety of design styles. You can pair it with some knobs. The round deadbolt uses a revolutionary smart key re-key technology that enables you to control who accesses your home. This lock can be unlocked or locked from outside and from the inside, you just have to turn a button. The lock Is ideal for side doors, garage doors and even front doors. It has a stainless steel side locking bar that has replaced the traditional pin tumbler that was vulnerable to lock bumping attacks.

– Baldwin Tobin Entry Lever Featuring, Satin Nickel. This Baldwin lock is available in both satin nickel and polished brass finish. It is made from solid zinc. It is meant for use on exterior doors where keyed entry security is required. It also has Baldwin’s patented technology that offers you security by protecting you against lock bumping that was common with the tumbler locks and the conventional finishes. Its sleek contour and refined curves are very delightful and appealing to the eye. It is also pleasing to touch. The satin nickel finish gives the lock an overall modern look. The levers can be unlocked and locked from the outside and a button pressed from the inside.

– Baldwin Tobin Hall or Closet Lever, Satin Nickel. This lever can be used on interior doors where locking capabilities in not required for example hallways and also closets. This lever is reversible and can be mounted on the right, and the left-handed doors.

-Baldwin Bighorn Single Cylinder Handle set with Carnaby Knob, Venetian Bronze. This handle set is solid throughout. It is made of Venetian bronze finish which is hand rubbed to expose the unique bronze highlight that makes it have a rich and a warm complement to the product’s design. You can lock or unlock the single cylinder deadbolt by using a key from outside or even turn a button from the inside. It uses the smart key re-key technology that enables you to control who can access your home. You can also re-key the lock yourself in three steps.

-Baldwin Lifetime Satin Nickel Keyless Entry. This keyless lock makes use of 6 buttons for you to operate it. This electronic deadbolt allows one to access their home without having to use keys. This is a great innovation for most of the people that often lose their keys and find themselves locked out of their homes on a regular basis. They are also suitable for people with children or people who do not like to carry keys around all you need to do is enter a code into the deadbolt, and the door will unlock. To lock the door, you only have to press the lock symbol in the middle of the keypad numbers.

– Baldwin Alcott Entry Knob, Satin Nickel. This Baldwin entry knob will always complement a variety of design styles available in the market. It is blended with the modern technology style and has a luxurious design. You can use the knob on exterior doors where keyed entry is required. It uses the smart key re-key technology that allows you to rekey your lock in 3 easy steps. It has improved security against lock bumping. It has a satin nickel finish that gives it the contemporary look and design. Its hardware is solid throughout making the model heavy, firm and smooth.

Baldwin Spyglass– Baldwin Prestige Spyglass Entry Lever, Satin Nickel. When you use this lever, you will love the beauty and the function it offers. This family of levers offers an affordable luxury. The new design with the square rose gives one a transitional style with the modern style.

If you are looking for superior quality, then look for Baldwin locks. They are no exceptional locks. However, you have to pay a little bit more than the other brands in the market. They all come with a lifetime warranty. All the Baldwin products are unique and easy to identify, they are also heavier, they are also made of quality metal that makes them last longer.

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A Look Into The Best Arrow Locks On The Market

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Types of Locks | Comments Off on A Look Into The Best Arrow Locks On The Market

Looking for an ultimate lock that will take the security of your home to the next level? Do you want to get a lock that is right for its job? Great! Arrow locks can be helpful. Remember, door locks determine your privacy and security. However, there are many arrow locks in the market and choosing the best can be overwhelming. Why? Different locks have different security features which make choosing difficult.

Indeed, some locks promise safety, privacy and security but they don’t live up to what they promise in the long-run. As a matter of fact, different locks have special features designed for specific jobs. Therefore, you must research well to avoid frustrations. Let’s look at the best tips for choosing an arrow lock system and the top five brands, thanks to the guys at;

How to Choose the Best Arrow Lock

  • Lock materials- the material used to design an arrow key determines the level of security. Solid steel locks are recommended for maximum security. Steel can resist rust, break-in attempts and corrosion, giving you the peace of mind.
  • Lock shape and size- your application should guide you when choosing the right shape and size. For instance, if you want an arrow lock for interior purposes, you can go for a smaller lock compared to that used for exterior services.
  • Shackle length- arrow locks offers a variety of shackle options. Always pick one that fits your application.
  • Customer reviews and expert guide- if you are new in the market, you must read a variety of customer reviews to give you a gist of the best options. Moreover, professional locksmith’s advice can be helpful. Consult!

Split bolt locks Vs Dead bolt locks

Split bolt locks- These are inexpensive locks that are easy to install. They are made in a way that they usually lock your door’s doorknob. However, the split locks can be opened easily or can be smashed in using a hammer, reducing their efficiency.

Deadbolt locks– they are made of brass, bronze or solid steel, making them resistant to break-ins. Deadlocks that are installed horizontally are ideal.

Top five best arrow locks

#5. Arrow RK Series Locks

Arrow Door KnobIf you are looking for an economical arrow lock that is ideal for a variety of applications then the Arrow RK Series is the best pick for you. They are affordable and come with a whooping five year mechanical warranty which gives you some peace of mind. The lock features cold rolled steel which incorporates zinc dichromate for maximum corrosion resistance. The lock fits 69.85mm to 44.45 doors standard. It is a great choice for residential application.

#4. Arrow BM Lever Series Locks

The BM lever series is the best option for heavy duty residential and commercial application where maximum security is paramount. The fact that this lock requires the least maintenance makes them a top choice for most homeowners. Moreover, they are durable and gives a great value for your money.

What about the price? They are inexpensive given their performance. Indeed, the live up to what they promise. However, if you think that it is not right for you, you can take advantage of the five year limited warranty to get your taste and preference. Needless to say, the BM Series is a great value for your money.

#3. Arrow H series Lock

The H series lock features classical performance as far as ultimate security is concerned. Most often, they are operated by a lever and a knob on either side. The locks come with a limited warranty of one year that you can take advantage of. The lock chassis is made of cold rolled steel and a zinc dichromate finish. Additionally, it has reversible handling.

#2. Arrow MK Series Lock

The MK series is a top choice if you are in need of a permanent lock solution to your accessibility requirements. It is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Why? They have incredible finishes, architectural functions and designs.

When it comes to price, these locks are inexpensive but guarantees ultimate performance. The locks come with a limited warranty of one year- no reason to worry about your investment.

#1. Arrow QL01 SB Series Lock

Arrow LeverThe QL01 features the freewheeling lever specification that minimizes abuse resistance of the user. The compact screw lockset allows easy installation. Moreover, it features a whooping ten year warranty, guaranteeing best locking capabilities. Therefore, if you want to install a new lock system or you want to improve your existing lock, consider the QL01 SB series. It is a great choice.

The arrow lock you choose for your house determines the security of your home. Before you begin to shop, you should think about where you will use your lock and the task the lock will perform. Choose well!


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Basic Guide On The 5 Best Deadbolt Locks

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Types of Locks | Comments Off on Basic Guide On The 5 Best Deadbolt Locks

When it comes to door lock there are three types that one can choose from: a single latch mechanism lock or a deadbolt lock. A latch mechanism lock is spring loaded and rounded. When a latch key door is opened there is a spring that retracts. A deadbolt lock on the other hand has no springs or moving parts. It’s a solid mechanism with a latch that goes in or out with the turn of a key, use of a motor or use of some other electronic key device.
Ev Keys

There are basically three types of deadbolt lock:

  1. A single cylinder deadbolt lock

The lock opens or closes by using a key or twisting a knob and the door handle to lock the door.

  1. A double cylinder deadbolt lock

The locking mechanism is activated by using a key on the inside as well as on the outside. The door will not open without a key regardless of the side from which the door is opened.

  1. Keyless deadbolt locks

Keyless Entry2As technology continues to evolve so have security tools like door locks. Keyless door lock systems use biometrics like fingerprints or they can be opened with remote control. The latest deadbolt locks can be coupled with smartphones. These types of locks are often referred to as smart locks.

There are a number of smart deadbolt locks on the market. The following are the most commonly used and effective deadlocks:


  1. Kwikset Smart Key

This Smart deadbolt lock came out in 2008 and was lauded as being a revolutionary lock by many in the security industry. The one advantage about this type of key lock is that it allows the owner to program a different key when he or she needs to change keys. There is no need for locksmiths and according to Kwikset, this lock was unhackable. The claims have been refuted by many people since 2008 and people are looking at other smart key systems. Kwikset is the largest manufacturer of deadbolts in the world and when the integrity of their products is questioned they have to come up with locks like the Kwikset Kevo with Bluetooth technology and smartphone syncing capabilities that will turn your phone into a key.


  1. The Schlage deadbolt

Schlage Sense SmartThe Schlage deadbolt is often presented as the best and improved deadbolt locking system. It is rated as being better than the Kwikset deadbolts. It is harder to bump open or to pick with a drill. The lock is made from drill resistant material and can withstand the most brutal cobalt drill bit drill. It has 4 security pins in its mechanism which make picking this lock harder than with other regular deadbolts. The disappointing thing about the Schlage lock is that it can be bumped open.


  1. Schlage LiNK Wireless Deadbolt

The Schlage LiNK Wireless Deadbolt has a keypad for access codes to open the door. It also has a motion sensor that will alert the owner of unauthorized movements. This lock is one of the new-and-improved smart locks equipped with anti-pick shields which prevent tampering and possible break-ins.


  1. The August Smart Lock

This locking system is coupled to a deadbolt that opens and closes in a timed manner. The lock can be programmed to limit the access that some people have. There is a lock that you can download on your phone to sync with the lock, giving you real time information.

  1. Lockitron

The Lockitron lock can turn your smartphone into a key. You can open your locks remotely via an app and a text message. The lock can also detect people who are nearby because of the GPS technology that it has been equipped with. You will no longer need keys, you have control over the people who gain entry into your house, and you get an alert every time a door is unlocked and locked. This puts security controls in your hands.


The locks featured on this list are regarded as the best in terms of price, performance and technology. There are countless numbers of smart deadlocks that have replaced the traditional deadlock and as technology and innovation increases smart locks will push locksmiths to re-invent themselves or face the prospect of being obsolete.

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Which Locks Provide The Highest Security For My Home?

Posted by on Feb 20, 2016 in Tips and Info, Types of Locks | Comments Off on Which Locks Provide The Highest Security For My Home?

If you are contemplating changing the locks on your home after a recent neighborhood break in, or simply want something a bit more secure for your family, there are quite a few options to choose from when installing a new lock. So, how do you go about choosing the right one, and what is going to afford you and your family the most security? These are a few of the options available to you, and are among the safest out there when it comes to replacing the locks on your home’s front door. Special thanks to our friends at for providing us some useful information.

The Deadbolt –

deadbolt3This is still the safest option out there when it comes to residential lock systems for homeowners to install on their doors. “Dead” implies that the locks don’t have springs, which in turn makes it far more difficult for a burglar to break in. Although double deadbolt systems can pose a threat in the event of an emergency, they are a bit safer in terms of protecting access from those you do not want entering the home. However, more often than not, the single deadbolt lock is superior to most other lock systems and options available on the market today.

Handle Sets (entry locks) –

For medium level security, this is another option for homeowners to consider when they are changing the locks on their front doors, or other doors situated around the home. These systems have two door knobs which can be locked (and opened) from both the inside and outside of the door. By turning or depressing a small button, you can lock the door from the inside, and for locking and unlocking the door from the outside of the home, a key is required to perform this task. Different systems also offer double locking points, which offer a higher level of security. Many manufacturers have systems which have a deadbolt as well as keyed entry system, to help enhance the security and protection provided to your home with these systems.

Keyless Systems –

Kwikset Kevo 925Yes, technology does make our lives easier, and for those who are in search of the convenience of not having to worry about where you leave your keys each day when you go to work, as well as the highest level of security possible for the home, then this is it! Any standard deadbolt system can be replaced by these keyless entry systems on your home’s doors. There is an anti-theft rolling feature which is going to ensure the same code is never used twice on these systems. This adds an additional layer of security so people who might have known the old code, don’t know the new ones when you change them.

Further, with these keyless systems, if the incorrect code is punched into the lock (once, or in some cases multiple times), then a sound alarm is going to go off. This not only alerts the monitoring company which you have your keyless system with, it also notifies police of a potential break in or theft which might be occurring. For added security to your home’s garage doors, many systems are compatible with the garage opener, allowing you to set the desired code to open and close the garage as well. And, many of these systems are compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to enter the code before you ever reach the door.

The mortise lock is yet another option used in many homes; however, it is more for convenience as opposed to safety for your home. A flat, rectangular box fits over the recess of the door frame, which includes a couple of faceplates which have key holes to open the lock. You can operate the latch from inside and out with these systems as well. If you simply want to lock a door in the pantry or laundry room, this is a convenient choice, and affordable option for homeowners to consider.

Although there are several systems and door knob and lock options today, these are a few of the safest and most secure options for homeowners to consider. Not only in terms of interior and exterior safety, but also in terms of convenience, durability, and the modification options available, based on which manufacturer you purchase these lock sets from when replacing the old, and installing new locks on your home’s doors.

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Types Of Gate Locks

Posted by on Feb 20, 2016 in Types of Locks | Comments Off on Types Of Gate Locks

Gate locks, or latches as they are sometimes referred to, play a very integral role in enhancing the functionality, and more to the point, the security of these critical residential structures. Basically there happen to be two different kinds of these products, which are the one sided and two sided gate locks. In essence, a one way gate is the one that can only be opened from one of its two sides, which is usually the interior side. On its part, a two way gate is the one that can be conveniently operated from both of its sides ( the interior and exterior sides). These products naturally comes in varying materials and sizes, from which you can comfortably choose the right one for your needs and preferences. The following is a review of some of the common types of gate locks that are currently available in the market, thanks to the fellas at

Thumb gate latches

Gate Thumb latchGate thumb locks come with a handle that you can grip and a lever, which releases this handle. Both of these two components make use of the same, single mechanism. Typically, these are two way gate locks. On the outer side of the gate, a decorative plate with a “thumb” depressor is installed. When this thumb is depressed, the latch arm, which is located on the interior of the gate, rises and thereby permits the gate to be swung out. When you wish to close the gate, the latch arm, all by itself hits the strike, rises up and falls into the latch arm. Gate thumb latches can only be installed on the in swinging varieties of gates, and are for the most part, double sided.

Gate ring latches

Another example of some of the most popular types of gate locks is undoubtedly the ring latches variety. These are usually two sided affairs, which can be opened and closed from both sides of the gate they are installed on. On the exterior side of such a gate, a backplate is installed that comes with a ring. As for the interior part of the gate, there is also a backplate, which also features a ring. The only difference between these to backplates is the fact that the inner one is appended to a latch arm. When you turn these rings from either side, the latch arm will be lifted out of its catch, which will allow the gate to be swung open. Gate ring latches’ mechanisms can be either gravity assisted or even spring loaded. These products are highly noted for their versatility as they can be installed on both in swinging as well as out swinging gates. The side that bears the latch arm is usually the one positioned on the exterior part of the gate.

Gate lever latches

gate lever latchGenerally speaking, gate lever latches carry out their functions more or less in a similar manner as the gate ring latches variety. The only major difference between these two gate hardware is that lever latches come with a lever handle rather than a ring. Gate lever latches can be installed on both in swinging and out swinging gates. The side that bears the latch arm is normally the outer part of the gate in which this kind of gate lock is installed. This is the side that the gates opens in a forward facing direction. This kinds of gate locks operating mechanisms can be either gravity assisted or even spring loaded.

Gate Key lockable latches

Finally, one of the more secure types of gate locks is undeniably the key lockable varieties. These products can be conveniently locked or unlocked by the means of a key. There exact operating mechanisms can integrate a deadbolt, nightlatches, or in some cases even a knobset.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of options that are laid out for you when it comes to the exact types of gate locks which you can in the long run settle for. This of course depends on your exact budget, architectural considerations, durability and also your security needs and inclinations. This certainly means that guided by these critical factors, you will place yourself in an excellent position of obtaining the very best solution for your distinctive requirements and preferences. All from the different varieties of gate latches, which have been reviewed in this article. Hope that this types of gate locks review has been insightful, and has assisted you to arrive at the ideal product for you.

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Types Of Cabinet Locks

Posted by on Feb 20, 2016 in Types of Locks | Comments Off on Types Of Cabinet Locks

Selecting the appropriate cabinet lock for your house may be a daunting task given the many different types of cabinet locks available. However, there are several questions which may be useful in determining what kind of lock would be the best fit for your needs. These include:

Is your furniture antique?

Do you need cabinet locks that are easy to install?

Do you have or plan to have children?

Is the place where the cabinet will be positioned a high, moderate, or low traffic area?

Cabinets and their locks are usually classified according to their locking mechanism or the type of material used in their design. The following six types are the most common types of cabinet locks for different needs such as home design, future plans, or lifestyle.

  1. Glass Showcase Cabinet Locks

These are cabinets that are usually used in the exhibition of valuables, art, or other goods in a retail store. They are made in two types; a showcase ratchet lock and the push or plunger lock. A showcase ratchet lock works by a long ratchet that slides through a bolt that is opened or closed with a key. Some of these lock types have extra security provided through combination settings. Additionally, there are combination ratchet locks that are not operated by a key. The push lock or plunger showcase cabinet lock makes use of a detachable barrel that is fitted into a hollow on the mechanism. It works by a key that unlocks the cabinet by removing the core thus opening the door. It offers ease of use as simply pressing the heart back into the assembly locks the door again.

  1. Metal Cabinet Locks

These locks offer a choice of the pin or disc tumbler locks. The disc of the lock is made of rotating slotted discs that rotate until they are in alignment with the slot that makes the sidebar fall thus opening the door. One of the hardest of locks to pick as without a very similar key, you will be unable to rotate some of the locks, and the disks will not come into alignment with the slot. The pin tumbler lock is designed with a cylindrical hole in a sheath. A plug or hole in the slot rotates when you plug the key into the keyhole. The opposite end of the plug activates a locking bolt through a cam. The holes in the slot usually contain pins that are spring loaded and aligned with the shape of the key cut that allows the key to grasp them as it is turned to open the plug.

  1. Wooden Cabinets

If you need to provide a secure environment for your children or have a wooden filing cabinet, you may need a cam lock. These are locks that are the most effective with wooden types of cabinet locks as they come with a simple lock operated by either a tubular or flat key that pushes the lever or cam into the lock to open and close the cabinet.

  1. Magnetic Cabinet Locks

magnetic cabinet lockThese are top of range locks that even though costing higher than other types of cabinet locks, are an excellent fit for high traffic area since it is highly durable and child proof. Thier unique feature of needing a magnet to unlock and open and the tight fit of the door cabinet the lock childproof. However, these are cabinet locks that need a professional to install.

  1. Spring Action Cabinet Locks

One of the most affordable of cabinet locks types if you are concerned about the cost of your cabinet. They are not as child-friendly as the magnetic cabinet lock, as they leave small spaces between the doors that may pinch little fingers. Similar to the magnetic cabinet lock they can be used in high traffic areas, but they also need professional installation and maintenance.

  1. Adhesive Cabinet Locks

adhesive cabinet lockThough they come at a high price, they are some of the easier locks to install. However, they are unsuitable for high traffic areas since they make use of adhesives for installation and hence are suitable for rarely or moderately used cabinets. They will be suitable for storing antiques given that they do not need drilling though they may need frequent replacement as adhesives wear out fast. They are not child proof as they leave spaces in the door that can pinch little fingers.

  1. Sliding Cabinet Locks

Easier to install and are moderately priced. Of all types of cabinet locks, they are the least durable and most visually unappealing given that they have to be attached to the outside of the cabinet. Moreover, they are not child proof with most brands leaving spaces between the doors which may pinch small fingers.

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