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Security key for Home and Family

A Guide for Smart Openers

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Smart Lock | Comments Off on A Guide for Smart Openers

There are several smart locks to choose from today. However, not all of them can secure your home as you desire. As a result, it is essential to research more about door openers before buying one for your home. These openers allow the users to check their door status while they are away, and hence they do not need to worry about the safety their property.

Most of these systems or openers are easy to install, affordable, and feature low noise levels. In addition, they come with key safety features including protector safety sensors that prevent the door from closing when it comes in contact with an object or a person. Smart openers can be connected to Smartphones to regulate exterior lights as well as garage door.

Types of Smart Openers

Chamberlain MYQ

Chamberlain MYQIf you have been looking for a lock that can allow you to close or open a garage door by just pressing a button on your web-enabled tablet, then chamberlain MYQ is the right lock for you. It is not only easy to install, but also fits different garage door designs. Chamber opener features door sensor and Wi-Fi. During installation, you should fix Wi-Fi hub next to door opener. After you have mounted the Wi-Fi hub, fix the door sensor. Lastly, download the application and follow the installation steps provided. You may customize the application to notify if you have left th door open.

Linear Garage Opener

The opener can be compatible with a number of available garage door systems featuring sectional doors. Such openers are easy and simple to set up. This type of door opener comes with the gateway as well as a two-wire connection. Since it employs the Z-Wave principle, it can match with a variety of Z-Wave smart hubs available on the market.


GarageioWith this device, you can convert any door into a modern garage door. Simply install Garageio box near the door and connect it to Wi-Fi network. Then, download the appropriate app for your phone. When you forget to close your door, Garegio will alert you to close it. Moreover, the system can be used to access up to 3 doors from a single gadget thus saving on costs.


GoGOGate is a type of opener that works on gates and garage doors. It stands out among other openers due to the fact that GoGogate can be integrated with security cameras to offer maximum security. Once you have set up this type of opener, you can open as well as close the door via your tablet from anyplace in the world.

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Garage Door Openers

Finding the right opener is not that simple as many think. A good opener should meet the set standards in terms of safety, noise, efficiency, and power. Here are the things you need to consider when choosing garage openers:

Security and Safety

Garage doors are made of steel and other heavy materials that may lead to injury or death if not handled properly. This means a good garage door should be free of risks. Therefore, it is prudent to install garage doors with sensors, which can detect an object and a child while closing. In addition to safety, garage doors can regulate the people gaining entry to your home.


Today, opening or closing doors is far much easier than you could imagine. This is because modern garage door openers make use of remotes or Smartphones to gain access to the garage without the need for keys. Smart doors can be controlled at the place of work without having to travel home, especially if your neighbor is in need of something. This way, you will be able to save time while making sure that your garage is secure.


Do not buy a smart opener without warranty. Remember that an ideal opener is backed by a lifetime kind of warranty. With a warranty, you are entitled peace of mind even if your opener has a problem. However, warranties can be subject to specific conditions and are detailed in easy to understand guide. Make sure that you read through the manual to understand what is covered by the manufacturer. This information will help you compare different products and choose the right option that suit your needs.

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A Closer Look At How To Open A Kwikset Smart Lock In 10 Seconds

Posted by on Feb 19, 2016 in Smart Lock | Comments Off on A Closer Look At How To Open A Kwikset Smart Lock In 10 Seconds

How can you Open a Kwikset Smart Lock In 10 Seconds? The main purpose of this article is to show you. You can easily open these locks by just using a screwdriver and a wire.

In adverts, Kwikset locks are termed as being invulnerable . According to the adverts, no one can pick these locks. However, if you have access to a screwdriver and a wire, picking these locks is quite easy.

How To Pick These Locks

Screwdriver– You can pick these locks by using a screwdriver specifically a four inch screwdriver.
– Another tool you require is a torque wrench and you’re ready to pick the Kwikset smart lock.
– For a lock to be invulnerable, it needs to have the capability of withstanding 300 pounds inches of torque.
– A recent study clearly shows that you require less than 300 pounds inches of torque to open these locks.
– According to the manufacturers of the Kwikset smart locks, a screwdriver cannot fit in the keyway of these locks, which is actually false.
– Another way to pick these locks is by using a piece of blank. You can insert this piece of blank which has a sharp end into the keyway of this lock.
– You then punch out the cap by using a hammer. You have to punch it on the back of the plug to fully remove the cap.
– The next step involves inserting a wire which has a looped end into the keyway. Doing this allows you to turn the tailpiece which actually rotates independently.
– This method may take 15 or 10 seconds depending on how fast you work.
– The most efficient and simple method to use is a method where you use a four inch screwdriver.
– All you need to do is to insert a screwdriver into the keyway, use a wrench to grasp it and turn it. It takes approximately 10 seconds to get the lock open.
– There are many ways to open these locks, clearly showing how ineffective they are.
– Another easier way to pick these locks is by using a series of keys that have a single depth. This method involves decoding the lock.
– Your main aim is to determine the depth of all the pins that are located inside the lock.

The methods that are clearly described above are methods that are proven and are sure ways to pick the Kwikset smart lock. It only takes 10 seconds to pick these locks.

Kwikset 9140The BMHA rating of these locks is therefore misleading to many consumers. The locks aren’t secure and they can easily be compromised.

The fact that you only need a wire and a screwdriver to pick these locks shows that you solely can’t be dependent on these locks to keep you secure. These locks cannot be bumped but the fact that they can be cracked within seconds make them insecure.

The Kwikset smart locks are widely distributed making them the locks with the highest distribution rate. The locks cost about $20 to $40 and Kwikset sells an average of 20 million locks in a year.

However, the locks have special features that make them appealing to many consumers. The most notable feature is the ability to reprogram these locks. It can therefore be used by homeowners who want to provide access temporarily to gardeners and construction workers .

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Keyless Lock by Kwikset 

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in Keyless Lock, Security Door, Smart Lock | Comments Off on Keyless Lock by Kwikset 


Why did you need a security door?

Remember the days when you could go to sleep and leave the door of your house unlocked, and you do not think about it twice. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. More and more families are investing in alarm systems and door of Security, to protect your home, your family and your property from burglary and theft. Many burglars used the front door of robbery, and it is important to add any elements of protection. Setting security door is a great way to protect yourself and to avoid long-term, monthly fees for the alarm system. Security, metal door will affect their decision to find an easier target and go around your home. Doors that have security locks are excellent, inexpensive, preventive measure that provides benefits to you and your home.


They were almost impossible to break

078d8cc0cd4c0d6263a16884cf4afe3bThe obvious benefit that you provide burglary door security. An intruder will have to use some of the sophisticated machines to open the safety door locks. Most of the doors that could pierce require drills that only has some special equipment. Fortunately most burglars do not want to draw attention to himself, trying to open the safe door.


The main benefit that can provide front security door, and that people often do not take into account their ability to reduce energy bills. During the warm months, when locked security room doors can be left open so that it can through the house to circulate fresh air. While winter extra layer of steel makes good insulation from the cold wind.

Are easy to access and handling

Installation of security doors of your homes allows you multiple benefits. It deter potential burglars, improve the look of your home and are virtually indestructible. Even those who have installed security systems in the home will benefit from the attributes that give them the security door installed in their homes.


Electronic locks that open with the help of smartphones have some advantages over traditional locks – digital keys can be sent to multiple phones, access to locked rooms may be limited to certain dates and / or times for specific users, and keys stored on the lost phones can be easily deactivated. However, as with virtually any electronic version of a purely mechanical devices, they introduce another factor that complicates things: they require power. This means that users are not required batteries or electrical wiring, since each lock remains fully self-sufficient. If administrators want to change access privileges to specific users, they do so by sending a supplement to the key on the phone the user. When such a key is used, the record of the time and place of use can wirelessly send administrators. In an emergency, when the room must be immediately approached, physical key can still be used in the planned switch.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Smart door locks are possibly one of the finest of smart home securities. They can mechanically identify your absence via the Bluetooth linking in your smartphone and unlock your entrance for you. You can send e-keys to your families. Someone will even attach to your bigger home computerization system, sending you info that if you are away, the key is in the energy saving mode. And they are very nice looking too.

The Kwikset Kevo is slightly subtle looking for a smart lock. The Bluetooth lock that substitutes your current padlock, works like our smartphones by touching– touch the padlock, and it will unlock. Of course, your smartphone must be nearby.

Kwikset Kevo Plus is huge advance. The advance kit has a Bluetooth doorway that allows the Kevo to attach to your home’s WiFi. That is pretty cool!

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