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Security key for Home and Family

Keyless Lock by Kwikset 

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in Keyless Lock, Security Door, Smart Lock | Comments Off on Keyless Lock by Kwikset 


Why did you need a security door?

Remember the days when you could go to sleep and leave the door of your house unlocked, and you do not think about it twice. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. More and more families are investing in alarm systems and door of Security, to protect your home, your family and your property from burglary and theft. Many burglars used the front door of robbery, and it is important to add any elements of protection. Setting security door is a great way to protect yourself and to avoid long-term, monthly fees for the alarm system. Security, metal door will affect their decision to find an easier target and go around your home. Doors that have security locks are excellent, inexpensive, preventive measure that provides benefits to you and your home.


They were almost impossible to break

078d8cc0cd4c0d6263a16884cf4afe3bThe obvious benefit that you provide burglary door security. An intruder will have to use some of the sophisticated machines to open the safety door locks. Most of the doors that could pierce require drills that only has some special equipment. Fortunately most burglars do not want to draw attention to himself, trying to open the safe door.


The main benefit that can provide front security door, and that people often do not take into account their ability to reduce energy bills. During the warm months, when locked security room doors can be left open so that it can through the house to circulate fresh air. While winter extra layer of steel makes good insulation from the cold wind.

Are easy to access and handling

Installation of security doors of your homes allows you multiple benefits. It deter potential burglars, improve the look of your home and are virtually indestructible. Even those who have installed security systems in the home will benefit from the attributes that give them the security door installed in their homes.


Electronic locks that open with the help of smartphones have some advantages over traditional locks – digital keys can be sent to multiple phones, access to locked rooms may be limited to certain dates and / or times for specific users, and keys stored on the lost phones can be easily deactivated. However, as with virtually any electronic version of a purely mechanical devices, they introduce another factor that complicates things: they require power. This means that users are not required batteries or electrical wiring, since each lock remains fully self-sufficient. If administrators want to change access privileges to specific users, they do so by sending a supplement to the key on the phone the user. When such a key is used, the record of the time and place of use can wirelessly send administrators. In an emergency, when the room must be immediately approached, physical key can still be used in the planned switch.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Smart door locks are possibly one of the finest of smart home securities. They can mechanically identify your absence via the Bluetooth linking in your smartphone and unlock your entrance for you. You can send e-keys to your families. Someone will even attach to your bigger home computerization system, sending you info that if you are away, the key is in the energy saving mode. And they are very nice looking too.

The Kwikset Kevo is slightly subtle looking for a smart lock. The Bluetooth lock that substitutes your current padlock, works like our smartphones by touching– touch the padlock, and it will unlock. Of course, your smartphone must be nearby.

Kwikset Kevo Plus is huge advance. The advance kit has a Bluetooth doorway that allows the Kevo to attach to your home’s WiFi. That is pretty cool!

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