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Key Cards And Their Locks

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016 in Keyless Lock | Comments Off on Key Cards And Their Locks

You need to be able to find a great key card system in a number of different situations. If you happen to run a hotel or an apartment building, people need to know how to get inside of that building. The key card system needs to be simple enough that it does not confused tenants or customers, but it still needs to be secure enough to protect their safety. Safety and peace of mind can be extremely important when you are staying in a hotel or an unpredictable apartment building. The apartment building may have different codes on each floor of the unit. You want to make sure that the codes are complex enough that you don’t have tenants breaking into each others apartments on a regular basis. A great locksmith can make things easier on the owner of the apartment building by helping find the right keypad system, installing in and making sure the cards work.

Key Cards

Key Card Lock1In many ways, the key cards leading into an apartment are similar to the different credit cards that are out there. You do not want the microchips in the cards to get damaged. It certainly makes sense to do everything you can in order to make sure that the microchip technology is not stolen, or happens to fall into the wrong hands. The technology associated with the key cards is getting more complex. Some of them are tied to a fingerprint or a particular hand. You have to be careful and make sure that you hire a great locksmith that shows you different protections that will make sure any combination or key code oriented project does not become corrupted, or hacked.


The size of a card has to work properly in order for the lock to work properly. If the card is too big or too small, you certainly will have trouble working the lock and thus working on the door. You need to know that a large number of key cards may not be friendly for people with disabilities to use, and thus you have to find a locksmith that can work with the disabled in order to make sure they can get the right system in place. A large number of disabled people struggle if they do not have the right lock system to work with. A great lock system can be on the appropriate level for a disabled person. The right lock system has to work well for the elderly as well.


Are the locks easy to change, is the system easy to change out? This quandry is a very important question for a large number of people. Do not hesitate to ask any question about the installation process to an attentive locksmith. The most attentive locksmith out there can certainly help an elderly person that cannot use their hands in the fashion that they did in the past change the lock system. The fact that most of the systems out there can be maintained electronically can end up taking most of the physical labor out of the process.


Key Card Lock2The use of these key cards can be important when your kids may have to stay on their own for a little while. Education can be very important when you are trying to make sure your kids know how to stay safe at home. If you know that a child is willing to stay safe at home then you know that it will be possible to teach them to learn about the importance of the key card, making sure they have a special place where the key card can be hidden. The truth of the matter is that you want to be as accessible as possible when the resident or guest is struggling to get in a home or room, but maintaining a certain level of security is extremely important when you have strangers staying in a hotel room, people that you simply do not know.


You have to be able to make sure that you take a firm and definite approach to making sure your kids stay away from strangers in a hotel. The right lock system is something that can make the biggest difference, in a variety of ways.


Attention to detail is going to be important. Manufacturers that make these cards want to have a certain amount of credibility. Manufacturers want to be known for quality and safety.

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What Are Push Button Keyless Door Locks?

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Keyless Lock | Comments Off on What Are Push Button Keyless Door Locks?

Until recently, protecting your valuable items at home or office needed a key and a lock. However, with the invention of the push button keyless door locks, this is not going to be the case. A keyless lock means that no more keys are used. Therefore, a push button keyless door lock is any lock system that eliminates key usage completely. This means that you have the right to guarantee and deny access to your home. In this system, a unique and secret code serves the purpose of the key.

Moreover, a homeowner needs a few pushes of buttons to enter the codes in order to gain access to the house. This system has been praised because its advantages are uncountable: it is convenient, security has been enhanced, it is modern and many other compelling features. Let’s see whether this door lock satisfies your needs;

Features of a push button keyless door lock

  1. Tamper timeout

The tamper timeout feature gives you the opportunity to enter up to three incorrect codes on the keypad lock before it suspends you for ten seconds. This feature is aimed at discouraging any malicious person who may want to get unauthorized access to the building. The tamper timeout feature eliminates all possibilities of guessing the exact code.

  1. Code free mode

The code free function is activated when access is not limited to anyone for a specific period of time. For example, if a school installs a push button door in the doors of lecturer rooms, the code free mode will be activated during the day to avoid time wastage. At the end of the day, access to the rooms is restricted.

  1. Alarm release function

This system can be connected to the alarm system of the building to make it open the lock automatically without necessarily entering the code. This is ideal especially during an emergency. It is usually applied in the reception section of a building.


  • Samsung EZONIt enhances highest security- the field of security is large. Sometimes losing your keys may be frustrating. This means that the hassle of carrying keys is eliminated. Additionally, this system denies access of unauthorized persons to your homes. Remember, the codes can be changed anytime you think that someone have stolen it.
  • It is convenient- in the past, people used to break padlocks whenever they were locked outside. With this system, all the worries are eliminated. You only need to memorize the code and you are good to go. Moreover, every family member needs to go in and out of the house at any time of liking. This eliminates the possibility of designing keys for every family member. A common code is used instead.
  • It is easy to use- the use of keyless systems is convenient than fumbling with the doors physically. Some doors are very difficult to close hence causing fatigue to your biceps.
  • These locks are easy to install hence saving time.
  • The system is damaged. The locks operate using computer microchips.


Burglar2Cyber criminals and crackers can hack the system and get the code of your system. This puts your property at risk especially when you are away. This waterproof and it is not affected by water. Even when it is raining heavily, this door lock cannot be vulnerability needs you to employ an ethical hacker to safeguard your system which turns out to be expensive in the wrong turn.

Another disadvantage is that you may forget the code combination especially when you change it repeatedly. If you forget the code, you will be denied access to your own house or office. This will force you to seek professional assistance which will cost you some pennies.

Finally, many push button keyless door locks operate with the aid of a battery. This means that the battery can drain any time and lead to complications in operation. Moreover, if a drain in battery is not detected earlier, the system may stop working until it is recharged.

A Push Button Keyless Door Lock is an important investment that you should never miss. The locks come at affordable prices and offers you incredible comfort. Since this system eliminates the use of keys, the worries of misplaced keys is also done away with. Additionally, it enhances security and keeps all your valuables safe. Security of your valuables translates to peace of mind. Indeed, it is a great investment that s worth your money.

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Tips For Buying A Keyless Lock

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Keyless Lock | Comments Off on Tips For Buying A Keyless Lock

Are you tired of misplacing the keys to your house or your home safe? Or even having to remember the lock’s combination? Well, if you have been experiencing troubles similar to these, it might be time that you think about buying a keyless lock to your door. Until recently, securing one’s valuables and home always required a lock and a key to fit it. However, tremendous advance in technology is now offering consumers keyless locks as an alternative solution for protecting their valuables.

These efficient entry setups have been designed to entirely eliminate the notion of requiring a key; instead you just touch the designated finger pad or type in a few numbers for admittance. However, with all the options available in the market today, one may find it overwhelming in making the right choice and easily end up not buying any. This article will highlight some of the most important factors that need to be considered when buying a keyless lock.

Thanks to the guys at Highlands Ranch Locksmith, here are the main factors to look out for when buying a keyless lock:

-Level of Security Offered

keyless lockThe first thing to consider when buying a keyless lock is the level of security offered by the lock. Even though all these different brands and models of keyless locks are supposed to safeguard our homes and other valuables, it worth noting that not all products are manufactured equal. There are those that offer a higher level of protection than the others. Therefore, it is vital to check whether they can really stand overrides and are strictly able to appropriately identify patterns and prints stored in their programs.

-Ability to Store Different User Information

It is also important to ensure that the selected biometric safe or keyless door lock allows you to store different user information on it. If it only permits you to save a single pattern or print, you can easily have difficulties if you are not able to physically open your house or safe, particularly when there is an emergency. Therefore, make sure that the selected lock allows you to store a reasonable number of pattern or prints as identification or access keys.

-Easy to Install and Use

Installing Keyless LockAnother vital factor to consider when buying such locks is the ease to install and use. It will be of no use buying a device that you cannot even figure out how it is installed or uninstalled. It is even worse if such a device is too complex to use. In fact, the main purpose of buying such a system is to make high-level security less complex.

-Source of Power

It is also important to check how the keyless lock is powered. It is recommendable to go for the locks that are battery powered. This will ensure that you are able to gain access to your house even when there is no electricity. The batteries will need to be replaced at least once a year for the locks to continue functioning as expected of them.



Types of Keyless Door Locks

As mentioned earlier there are numerous types of keyless door locks. Let’s have a look at some of them, how they work and their best use. This will enable you choose one that best suits your needs and budget.

-Remote Controlled Keyless Locks: These types of locks allow users to unlock the door from a reasonable distance. They do not require any code and are best for use on vehicles, homes and boats.

-Electric Keyless Locks: They are powered by batteries and do not use building’s electrical circuits. They require a code and are best for use in commercial premises and homes.

-Fingerprint or Biometric Keyless Locks: These locks store a number of the fingerprints of authorized persons. Each individual’s fingerprint is scanned to make sure it is on the stored list to allow entry. Such locks are best suited for use in areas where very high security is of essence. However, they can be used by an average homeowner for added security.

Keyless door lock systems offer utmost security for homeowners and business owners hoping to guard their valuables from intruders. They eliminate the worry of misplacing keys or thieves using homemade skeleton key to gain access to your property.

As technology advances, keyless door systems may in the end replace the key system completely. Additionally, Keyless door locks are less expensive than most individuals think, already competing favorably with some of the higher-grade key and lock systems.

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Types and Advantages of Fingerprint Door Locks

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Keyless Lock | Comments Off on Types and Advantages of Fingerprint Door Locks

Securing your home is a daunting process that requires both effort and skill. To get started, you need to look for the best locks, which are not vulnerable to bumping and within your budget. This implies that you should consider buying high tech door lock systems like Biometric Fingerprint Door lock. This kind of lock allows the homeowner to access the house without having to worry about losing or misplacing keys. In fact, this type of a lock offers you a wide range of advantages over other types of locks available on the market.

With biometric fingerprint door locks, your finger is a remarkable key to your home. if you have been prone to losing keys , then biometric lock would make this situation a thing of the past. It is guaranteed to provide reliable security. This is due to the fact that the lock only recognizes live fingerprints, but not copied fingerprints from unauthorized persons. The sensor that comes with biometric locks is so precise that the possibility of opening it with copied fingerprints is 1 in 1,000,000, which make it impossible to compromise.

To learn more about biometric fingerprint door locks, you need to do a thorough research about various types of locks, especially fingerprint door locks. Here are the top rated fingerprint locks and deadbolts suitable for your home:

NX4 Biometric

NX4 BiometricIf you are looking for a small, suble and simple to use and install, then NX4 biometric is a perfect alternative with many benefits. NX4 does not have high tech stuff like keypads showing, from far this lock will look similar to your standard deadbolt. However, when you lift up the nickel coated scanner cover, you will be able to see the technology behind N4X lock.

This lock can allow up to 99 users and their fingerprints . It is suitable for any homeowner because it is easy to program and doesn’t require you to remember passwords. In addition, removing a user is far much simple that you can imagine. In case of power failure, these locks come with backup keys to allow you access the building.

Aegis Optical Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Aegis Optical Biometric Fingerprint allows you to use keypad code, fingerprint scan, or even key to unlock the door. It comes with a guide to help you with the installation process. However, if you find it difficult to install on your own, you opt for a locksmith. Additionally, it supports up to 100 fingerprint scans.

Anviz L100 II Fingerprint

Anviz FingerprintAnviz door lock is simple to install as well as strong lock with fingerprint keyless features. The lock components can resist any kind of attack, including forced entry. It can also withstand the elements of weather such as rain. Since it can store 200 different fingerprints, it is ideal for an organization with 200 staff or less. It also has emergency keys which can be used to gain access to the house manually.

Advantages of Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks

Hard to Override

These locks are not only durable,but also difficult to override. For this reason, these locks are more secure than the traditional locks. These locks are highly recommended for areas with high rates of robbery cases since they can offer enough security to deter professional burglars as well as thieves.

Keyless Door Lock

With such locks, you no longer need keys to unlock your home at any given time of the day. As a result, fingerprint locks are suitable for people who are prone to losing or misplacing keys more often. After installing biometric locks, you do not have to worry regarding key replacement or door lock rekeying services, thus saving you time and money.

User Friendly

Most people prefer these locks since they are not difficult to install and operate. Once they have been programmed, they can run effectively without requiring complicated mechanisms, which can be costly to many folks.


These devices can be expensive in terms of initial investment. However, they are cheap in the long run. In most cases, keyless locks do not need frequent maintenance and repair unlike the traditional locks. Note that fingerprint door locks are made of high quality materials that can last for many years regardless of weather elements.

To safeguard your property and valuables, choose a lock that is secure and easy to use. Before you buy one, make sure that it has the features that suit your needs.

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Kwikset’s iPhone-Compatible ‘Kevo’ Deadbolt Keyless Lock

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Keyless Lock | Comments Off on Kwikset’s iPhone-Compatible ‘Kevo’ Deadbolt Keyless Lock

Kwikset is the leading manufacturer of exterior and interior residential door products that are known for their quality, style, durability and cutting edge technology while also guaranteeing the highest possible level of security. For over 60 years, Kwikset has demonstrated unwavering commitment to meet the needs of homeowners by manufacturing innovation driven lock portfolio in a wide variety of styles and finishes that features keyless entry combination locks, patented smartkey deadbolts, connected home technology and the amazing Kwikset’s iPhone-compatible ‘Kevo’ deadbolt lock keyless lock solution. Below is some useful information brought to us by the guys at

Kwikset Kevo ModelsThe Kwikset’s iPhone-compatible ‘Kevo’ deadbolt lock keyless is a highly innovative lock solution that helps you overcome some of the traditional lock challenges by availing a new way to lock and unlock your door seamlessly on your iPhone thanks to the Kevo Plus technology. The Kevo Plus technology allows home owners to remotely access and monitor their home by integrating the smart lock ekeys with the smartphone. The ekeys are artistically developed encrypted electronic keys that help to move your physical keys into the digital world for a better home access experience.

The benefits and features offered by the Kwikset’s Kevo Plus ekeys solution

The Kwikset’s Kevo Plus is a keyless lock technology that lets you monitor and access your home in the palm of your hand. It is an innovative solution that helps you overcome some of the challenges offered by the rigid key based lock systems easily. In addition to enhanced security, the system also offers you with ease of mind by keeping you in control of your home anywhere. From your iPhone, the system lets you easily let your friends and guests into your home remotely and remotely secure doors left unlocked.

Furthermore, with the Kwikset’s iPhone-compatible ‘Kevo’ deadbolt lock keyless solution, you will no longer have to wonder if the doors are locked or unlocked or even whether the service providers did enter or leave your home. The system also lets you respond to emergencies by giving home access to someone who can help deal with the emergency. Other additional tasks that you can perform from your iPhone include reassigning the ekeys and tracking the usage.

kwikset kevoAre you frequently changing babysitters or require a new contractor? With the smart lock, you do not have to wait for them at home or even keep worrying about the safety of your home, which would be the case with key based lock solutions. The Kwikset’s iPhone-compatible ‘Kevo’ deadbolt lock keyless solution lets you send an ekey to anyone, retrieve it and even reassign it to another person. The system also lets you track all users’ activities from the history.

Some of the things that you can see from the Kevo’s lock history include tracking who has sent an ekey, who accepted an ekey, and seeing who locked or unlocked kevo. Moreover, you will also be able to find out from the history which user or ekey was enabled or disabled from the system and which user or ekey was deleted from the smart lock. With the lock system, you can also easily manage access to your home more easily thanks to the different types of the ekeys that include anytime, guest ekey and scheduled ekey.

The anytime ekey can be sent to anyone, anytime and anywhere. The anytime ekey does not expire, but can be reassigned as you wish. The anytime ekey can also be designated as a scheduled ekey. The scheduled ekey lets you pre-set time constraints for the recipient. The scheduled Kevo ekeys do not expire and can be reassigned as a scheduled or anytime ekey. The guest ekeys offers your guests with a 24 hour period unrestricted access to your home after which the ekey will be deleted. If unused, the guest ekey will expire once the 24 hour period lapses.

Moreover, the Kwikset’s iPhone-compatible ‘Kevo’ deadbolt lock keyless technology is compatible with the nest account, which lets you set the home and away temperatures for your home. Once you are connected, you can set the home temperatures for each nest mode that include cool, heat and heat-cool from the Kevo app. The touch to open technology will enable the nest thermostat to recognize when you get into your home and offer to adjust the temperature accordingly. The nest thermostat will also recognize and set the temperatures to away mode once you leave your home and lock the Kevo.

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Digital Deadbolt Door Locks And Their Uses

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Keyless Lock | Comments Off on Digital Deadbolt Door Locks And Their Uses

There are various things which can be done to boost the security of a home. These include but not limited to getting a guard dog or adding an alarm system. However, it is worth noting that you home is not secure, unless you acquire working deadbolt locks and actually utilize them always. Generally, a deadbolt refers to a type of lock that has a steel lock which extend into the door jamb as well as the door frame’s strike plate. It is important to know that the most famous type is the single cylinder deadbolt, which is operated with a twist knob on the doors inside and the key on the exterior. There are some people who prefer the double cylinder deadbolt which lacks a twist knob, and needs a key operation both outside and inside the house.
Los Angeles Locksmith Pros


Electronic deadbolt door locks, also referred to as digital locks are the latest innovation that one should consider having for most convenience and reliable home security. Basically, digital deadbolt door locks can even be an excellent investment homeowners can make, considering the fact that these types of locks can prove more beneficial compared to the other electronic devices including smart watches and electronic vehicle. Having a digital door lock is the best way of sparing yourself the struggle of rummaging for door keys in your pocket or bag. This latest innovation even permits for syncing between a smart lock and a smart phone irrespective of where you are located in the world. There are various types of digital deadbolt door locks available on the market for homeowners to choose from. These include;


kevoKwikset Kevo. This digital door lock instantly transforms homeowner’s smartphone into a functioning key. It replaces a regular deadbolt door lock since it is designed with Bluetooth connectivity. For Kwikset Kevo to open the door, it requires the user to touch kevo, hence sending a signal to open. It is worth keeping in mind that users who acquire the entry level version of Kwikset kevo will get a pair of traditional key, key fob and electronic key each. The main feature of this digital door lock is that it has a set of electronic keys which are encrypted codes. The electronic keys are more reliable compared to the traditional keys. This is because, electronic key cannot be duplicated at all.


Lockitron digital door lock. This kind of smart lock fits over the thumb turn on a door’s deadbolt. Homeowners can use smartphone to open the door remotely via a text message or website application. Lockitron digital deadbolt door lock is also equipped with working GPS, hence it can detect effectively if someone is nearby. This implies that, with Lockitron, you can easily have your door opened without having to look for misplaced keys. This door lock is also characterized by the ability to sense if the door is being knocked and send an alert information via the phone. It can also track and alert homeowners when the door is unlocked or locked as well as the ability to sync all types of smartphones.


Yale TouchscreenYale Touchscreen Deadbolt. This type of a digital door lock has a glossy touchscreen panel as well as a large back where the electronic part of the unit are placed. Its sharp display lights up in blue, which allows the user to vividly see the digits even in darkness. Apart from being able to retain up to twenty five programmed codes, it is worth knowing that this digital door lock can also connect efficiently to automation system existing at home. The lock also comes with a privacy mode, an excellent option when leaving for holiday. Unlike other digital deadbolt door locks, Yale touchscreen deadbolt utilizes Z-Wave innovation which allows homeowners to easily control thermostats, lights as well as door locks via various devices such as tablets, personal computers and smartphones.


Always remember that the quality of a digital deadbolt door lock does not matter in case it is not always locked. There are some people who forget locking a deadbolt as they leave their homes. However, it is also very crucial to recall locking your doors when you are at home throughout. This is due to the fact that most intruders and thieves prefer getting access to a home via unlocked entry points.

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