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Lock It Up With A Pin Tumbler Lock

Lock It Up With A Pin Tumbler Lock

Have you considered installing a pin tumbler lock on your doors? With the rising cases of insecurity, forceful entry, lock-tampering and picking of locks, it is becoming vital to install a good lock or locking device. Such a device should deter any attempted or forceful entry, can withstand any tampering, and should be friendly to the user. With so many options readily-available in the market, finding the best lock can be a major headache. This is further complicated by the intense rivalry amongst lock manufacturers, distributors and vendors. As a home or office owner, you should think of fitting a pin tumbler lock because of the following benefits, brought to us by the guys at ATL Locksmith Pros:

1. Strong and Durable

When talking about pin tumbler lock, a brand that comes to mind in Yale which has been around for many years. This type of lock is famed from its sturdy nature that makes it difficult for unscrupulous individuals to tamper with. It features a tubular or cylindrical section that houses some minute pins and springs. The insertion of the right key properly aligns them and makes the cylinder to turn thus activating the locking mechanism. Despite the invention of newer types of locking devices, the pin tumbler lock otherwise known as the Yale lock is still among the popular choice because of its sturdiness and durability.

2. Easy to Reconfigure

Normally, when reconfiguring a lock, it is necessary to remove several vital components or dismantle the whole lock. This usually takes quite sometime and may also affect the final piece. These are some of the inconveniences that make the pin tumbler lock a popular choice. Reconfiguring this lock type is much easier and also straightforward. Al what a person needs to do is simply access cylindrical or tubular section and removing the pin tumbler. Thereafter, it can be modified or reconfigured for the traditional pun, disc or wafer tumbler.

3. Easy to Rekey

rekey5A time will come when you will need rekeying service. This may occur after losing or misplacing your keys, a key breaking inside, or it becomes faulty or worn-out. In contrast to other types of locks, rekeying a pin tumbler is quite easy and requires minimal effort. A skilled locksmith doesn’t not need to remove the entire lock. What he does is removing some few screws that hold the lock so as to access the turning mechanism. Thereafter, he will create new keys and then reinsert the tubular part back. In addition to saving time and effort, the cost of the service is also lower.

4. Versatile and User-friendly

Installing locks goes beyond just making sure the doors are firmly locked. It also focuses on making the life of the user easy and stress-free. Pin tumblers are quite versatile and form part of tubular( ace or radial locks) or cylinder locks. It can come in form of a single cylinder which allows the key to be inserted from one side which is normally the outer side of the door. Opening it from inside involves turning a small lever or knob. There is also another type that comes with a double cylinder that allows a key to be used on the two sides. It is considered more secure since it makes it difficult or an intruder to open it from inside.

5. Creating a Master Key

master-key2In order to have access to all doors while using a single key, it is paramount to have a master key. This is mainly necessary for a person who may need to access another room in case a tenant or guest has lost the key. Also, it may be needed when the occupier of the room , office or home cant be found. Creating a master key for a pin tumbler lock is easier than with other locks. A locksmith simply removes the cylinder lock and modifies it to suit the desired key.

You shouldn’t constant worry about unauthorized persons entering your home in your absence. You don’t have to live in fear of burglars and thieves stealing your hard-earned property. Also, you shouldn’t spend lots of money on locking devices that are ineffective or won’t last long. One you your best solution is the pin tumbler lock. It can easily be reconfigured to suit different types of doors and applications, its easy to rekey and creating a master key is straightforward. Furthermore, it is quite durable and can also come with a double cylinder. To get the best service and satisfaction from a pin tumbler lock, it pays to go for genuine products and interacting with credible locksmiths.