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Exit Devices And Why A Locksmith Should Install Them

Exit Devices And Why A Locksmith Should Install Them

If you are looking for a locksmith to install your exit device, pro locksmiths are your ideal professionals. Exit devices are great for businesses and commercial establishments like schools, hospitals, retail stores; office buildings etc.Our locksmiths offer fast, reliable and professional services at a reasonable fee. Furthermore, they have considerable amount of experience in offering commercial exit device installation services. We provide superb services to our clients 24 hours,7 days a week. We guarantee quality service since we are dedicated to our work. In case of any emergency, we will respond immediately to rescue you out of your situation.

The following are the most common exit devices;

Rim style exit device

rim-style-exit-deviceIt’s a self contained door lock mechanism. The center case is fitted with latch bolt. This type of exit device is mounted on the inside surface of the door. They are designed in a special way to allow flexibility. This makes them to be able to fit in the inside surface of different door sizes. They are ideal for businesses which have less traffic as well as small businesses. Once installed, it’s easy to maintain. If your business is still not fully established or it’s developing, this is a suitable device for you since it’s cost effective. They are available in use in commercial, office, or hospitality applications. Our locksmiths are experts in installing this device.

Mortise style exit device

mortiseIt comes with unique mechanism to allow easy mounting on the door cavity. It’s designed with simplicity, aesthetics, strength, and with the right innovation. This makes it perfect for wooden and metal doors. However, they are of different types and each type has unique features. Some come with single point guarded latching to enhance on security. Their stableness allows them to last long on the doors without issues of breaking down. They can either be used in single door applications or vertical door applications that have a single rod. They come with mounting fasteners which include nuts and bolts which can fit the different types of doors. These devices are suitable for large and medium commercial establishments like schools, hospitals, and large businesses.

Concealed style exit devices

Concealed exit devices provide additional latching at the tops and bottoms of doors. They are constructed using vertical rods to give more strength to the unit. They are of different types. Some can fit in single doors while others are designed for double doors. They give extra latching to the doors. This type of exit device is suitable where aesthetics play a strong factor in the door design. Once fitted, the door looks amazing. They are designed in such a way that they can fit any door design as well as any building. In addition, they are known to offer additional security and safety to your building. Their features make them suitable for large commercial buildings. There are additional features like an alarm system which is very useful in case there is an emergency. When the alarm is turned on, the exit devices will be activated allowing people to exit without clashing each other. They are easy to use. However you need pro locksmith services to have them installed in your building.

Why a locksmith should install them

These are very important devices for buildings since they are designed to prevent people from being trapped in buildings in case of an emergency. They are designed to provide safety and security .They are used as perfect exit points when there is a fire emergency in your building. Locksmiths like Manhattan Locksmith Pros are well trained and experienced in installing them .They make sure they cannot be opened by an outsider hence can only be used for emergency only. Secondly, our locksmiths will advise you on the most suitable exit device for your building. Thirdly, nowadays as a business owner, one must observe all fire and life safety code requirements. It’s possible to get affordable estimates with a 24 hour emergency services. Exit devices have become part of our life. They prevent people from crashing to each other. The following are some of the reasons why you should hire our locksmiths to install your exit devices;

· We use advanced security techniques. Our locksmiths are well experienced to handle comprehensive system accordingly. We safeguard all aspects of your business premises.

· We are a reliable exit device service provider. Our locksmiths are licensed, insured and are experts in this area.

If you need an exit devices security system installed in your building, we are your perfect choice.We will be glad to offer a first class service.