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Bad Breakup? Get Your Locks Re-Keyed NOW!

Bad Breakup? Get Your Locks Re-Keyed NOW!

Have your recently had a bad breakup? Get your locks re-keyed. Most people often end up replacing the whole lock and deadbolt system when they lose their keys or have someone they need to keep away from their property. It could be a sore housemaid, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse or pretty much anyone you do not want to access your house and they already have a spare key. While this is a perfect solution (as it keeps the unauthorized person away from your house), it is not always the best decision. Replacing the whole system is usually expensive and takes you back to the process or reviewing existing systems, deciding on the best locking systems, comparing brands and hoping there won’t be any structural damages on your doors. Sometimes you are better off with lock rekeying.

What does lock rekeying involve?

rekey3Like the name suggests, lock rekeying, unlike replacement, involves changing the key that opens your locks without having to remove the whole system. The process ensures your original keys can no longer open the doors but you still retain the same locks. When most people hear about rekeying, they immediately suspect it is a complex process that can only be achieved by professional locksmiths. The truth is that many people have managed to rekey their locks on their own without involving professional locksmiths. However, you risk doing it the wrong way, which is why it is always recommendable to involve skilled technicians to handle lock rekeying. The procedure involves basic steps that include the following;

• Removing the lock cylinders
• Changing the pins inside the cylinder
• Rekey the entry and deadbolts using your new rekeying kit

DIYs will let you think rekeying your key alone will save you money but it is never a significant amount when you consider all other aspects of the process. Professionals bring accountability and quality guarantees including provisions to redo the work in case they fail to meet your standards in the first attempt. If they ruin anything or damage any component, they take full liability and repair costs. It is therefore safer to call professional locksmiths to rekey your locks instead of attempting to do it on your own. It is hardly possible that you will achieve this with the same success professionals do. What’s more, they have all the required tools and insights to complete the task.

Benefits of rekeying

The benefits of lock rekeying are quite obvious and straightforward. Firstly, rekeying maintains your original locks and deadbolts; those you want to keep off your doors will probably think their keys have become damaged in a way and this is a psychological play. Replacing the locks altogether might lead to anger and counteractions. However, the crystal benefits of lock rekeying include the following;
savings• Cost-effective – The only other option you have when you lose your key or need someone off your doors is to replace the locks. For lost keys, you can get a duplicate but this is high risk since you do not know who may have purposefully stolen the key. For keeping people off your property, duplicates are not a choice. Replacement is expensive as it involves removing the existing system and installing a new one. Rekeying kits are significantly cheaper and you can always find cheap locksmiths to complete the task. If you have sufficient insights, you can complete lock rekeying on your own.

• Perfect way to prevent unauthorized access – Have you had a recent bad breakup? Get your locks re-keyed and stop worrying about the extra keys you gave your ex partner. The external appearance will remain the same but the original keys will not be able to open your locks, and this is a perfect way to intimidate those who though they still had access to your life through the doors.

• Can be self-accomplished – You can use the basic manuals and instructions that come with the new kits to complete lock rekeying like a pro. All you need is you lock rekeying kit and a few tools, mainly screw drivers, clippers and pliers.

There are many other minor advantages of rekeying instead of replacing. It is difficult to find the same type of locks. Even if the manufacturer is the same, machines product have a few variations in yield strength, color pigment and other attributes. Rekeying will only replace the pin and keys without interfering with anything else. Always ensure you contract credible licensed locksmiths and purchase genuine quality rekeying kits.