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The Best Kwikset Locks On The Market

The Best Kwikset Locks On The Market

Are you looking for superior security for your doors? Kwikset has it all for you. Kwikset believes that technology can deliver on both convenience and quality when it comes to door lock hardware. They are the leading in residential lock manufacturing and will make you feel secures for over 60 years. They work hard to ensure that you can protect everything in the world that you live in. They have a commitment to meet your security needs, and that is why they are always coming up with innovative locks that include the keyless entry combination locks, the smart key deadbolts, Kevo, the smart lock among others. They guarantee style, durability, quality and technology in all their products.

Some of The Best Kwikset Locks on the Market include:

Kwikset KEvo Plus 1-Kwikset Kevo. Kevo will instantly transform your smartphone into a key. Kevo has been designed to have Bluetooth connectivity and replaces the regular deadbolt on your door. All you need to do is to send an “open” signal using the App, and you will unlock the door. When you acquire this Kwikset, you will be given two traditional keys, two key fobs, and two eKeys. The regular keys are there just in case your lock runs out of power. The eKeys are encrypted codes that you can use to unlock your door with and cannot be duplicated.

-Kwikset Katara Entry-Lever, Satin Nickel. The Katara lever has been designed with style and has superior security. It can be used on exterior doors where you may need to have keyed entry. The Katara is gracefully simple and can be employed in any contemporary setting. It can be unlocked or locked by key from outside and using a button on the inside. It has the smart key re-key technology that will enable you to control the people who can access your home. You can also re-key it in 3 easy steps. It has a crisp, clean appearance with a satin nickel finish that makes it have a modern feel.

Kwikset Smartcode-Kwikset Smart Code Electronic Lock and Tustin Lever Featuring, Venetian Bronze. This smart code touchpad electronic lever will add an extra level of security to your house. It has a sleek style that makes it complement your home interior design. It can be used to lock your home, office, your storage room or even the wine cellar and you do not have to worry about losing your keys again. All you need to gain access is a combination of codes. To lock the electric lock, you just press a button, and you are good to go.

-Kwikset Juno Entry Knob, Rustic Bronze. This doorknob has an elegant traditional style that makes it blend perfectly with most of the contemporary designs. It can be locked or unlocked from outside using a key, and a button inside can also lock and unlock the door. The Juno uses the bump guard technology that gives it superior capabilities against lock bumping. It has been certified for grade 2 residential security and is very easy to install. It is available in antique brass, satin nickel, rustic bronze, polished brass and also Venetian bronze finishes.

-Kwikset Smart Code Touchscreen Electronic UL Deadbolt, Satin Nickel. This is the only electronic deadbolt that comes with one-touch locking motorized deadbolt. All you need is your personalized code to enter your home. It comes with bright LEDs to allow for a defined illumination. It is very easy to install, use and also program. It has a backup key way, the smart key re-key technology

-Kwikset Tylo Entry-Knob, Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack, Polished Brass. The Tylo has a classic design that can be used in any home décor. This combo has two locking points; a deadbolt and keyed entry. It has been designed for universal handing meaning that it can fit in both left handed and right handed door. The combo features an adjustable latch that can fit all the standard door preparations. You can control who accesses your home using the smart re-key technology, and you can re-key the combo in just three easy steps. This combo is among the largest-selling deadbolt in the US.


Kwikset has for over 65 years offered its clients with home security innovations and a lot of families rely on their locks for peace of mind. Kwikset has advanced technology implementation on door locks that even involves sophisticated authentication technology; all these have been engineered for maximum performance and security for the Kwikset users. Kwikset locks will always give you an incredible automated experience.