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What Are Push Button Keyless Door Locks?

What Are Push Button Keyless Door Locks?

Until recently, protecting your valuable items at home or office needed a key and a lock. However, with the invention of the push button keyless door locks, this is not going to be the case. A keyless lock means that no more keys are used. Therefore, a push button keyless door lock is any lock system that eliminates key usage completely. This means that you have the right to guarantee and deny access to your home. In this system, a unique and secret code serves the purpose of the key.

Moreover, a homeowner needs a few pushes of buttons to enter the codes in order to gain access to the house. This system has been praised because its advantages are uncountable: it is convenient, security has been enhanced, it is modern and many other compelling features. Let’s see whether this door lock satisfies your needs;

Features of a push button keyless door lock

  1. Tamper timeout

The tamper timeout feature gives you the opportunity to enter up to three incorrect codes on the keypad lock before it suspends you for ten seconds. This feature is aimed at discouraging any malicious person who may want to get unauthorized access to the building. The tamper timeout feature eliminates all possibilities of guessing the exact code.

  1. Code free mode

The code free function is activated when access is not limited to anyone for a specific period of time. For example, if a school installs a push button door in the doors of lecturer rooms, the code free mode will be activated during the day to avoid time wastage. At the end of the day, access to the rooms is restricted.

  1. Alarm release function

This system can be connected to the alarm system of the building to make it open the lock automatically without necessarily entering the code. This is ideal especially during an emergency. It is usually applied in the reception section of a building.


  • Samsung EZONIt enhances highest security- the field of security is large. Sometimes losing your keys may be frustrating. This means that the hassle of carrying keys is eliminated. Additionally, this system denies access of unauthorized persons to your homes. Remember, the codes can be changed anytime you think that someone have stolen it.
  • It is convenient- in the past, people used to break padlocks whenever they were locked outside. With this system, all the worries are eliminated. You only need to memorize the code and you are good to go. Moreover, every family member needs to go in and out of the house at any time of liking. This eliminates the possibility of designing keys for every family member. A common code is used instead.
  • It is easy to use- the use of keyless systems is convenient than fumbling with the doors physically. Some doors are very difficult to close hence causing fatigue to your biceps.
  • These locks are easy to install hence saving time.
  • The system is damaged. The locks operate using computer microchips.


Burglar2Cyber criminals and crackers can hack the system and get the code of your system. This puts your property at risk especially when you are away. This waterproof and it is not affected by water. Even when it is raining heavily, this door lock cannot be vulnerability needs you to employ an ethical hacker to safeguard your system which turns out to be expensive in the wrong turn.

Another disadvantage is that you may forget the code combination especially when you change it repeatedly. If you forget the code, you will be denied access to your own house or office. This will force you to seek professional assistance which will cost you some pennies.

Finally, many push button keyless door locks operate with the aid of a battery. This means that the battery can drain any time and lead to complications in operation. Moreover, if a drain in battery is not detected earlier, the system may stop working until it is recharged.

A Push Button Keyless Door Lock is an important investment that you should never miss. The locks come at affordable prices and offers you incredible comfort. Since this system eliminates the use of keys, the worries of misplaced keys is also done away with. Additionally, it enhances security and keeps all your valuables safe. Security of your valuables translates to peace of mind. Indeed, it is a great investment that s worth your money.